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Virtual Gathering

Join us on Friday, Feb 19, 2021 at 9:00AM CST for our annual CDL gathering. This year is fully virtual. To gain access to the virtual gathering, please click the button below to register and access the conference.

Register & Access Conference


  1. Login on your own personal device. This will make it possible to connect with teachers from other schools during breakout sessions.
  2. Locate yourself in private space. Again, when we break into groups, you will be able to share what is happening at your school and learn from other schools.
  3. Take time to join the AirMeet lounge. This is a feature of the platform that we are especially excited about. It replicates actually being together at a conference in the most authentic virtual way we have seen.

Group Norms

As image bearers of Christ, at CDL gatherings we…

  • Glorify God – we are created to worship!
  • Meet new people – we are created to connect!
  • Ask questions – we are created to grow!
  • Commit to try – we are created to create!
  • Share our learning – we are created to engage!

Keynote Slido Links

CDL4 – Session: Building Community Through Crew w/Ron Berger

Event Code: #75240

CDL4 – Session: Love One An “Other” w/Vernita Mayfield

Event Code: #53943

CDL4 – Session: Assessment & Feedback w/Jon Eckert

Event Code: #27826

Online Platform (Airmeet) Tutorial

PD Keynote/Packages

PD Keynote - Available Until Feb 19, 2021

Building Community Through Crew

A Teamwork Approach to School Culture
Ron Berger

This PD Keynote is available only until Feb 19, 2021

Access Content

PD Package - Available until Dec 31, 2021

Love One An "Other"

Civil, Equitable, Inclusive and Just Schooling
Dr. Vernita Mayfield
Access Content

PD Package - Available until December 31, 2021

Assessment and Feedback

Tools for Deeper Learning
Dr. Jonathan Eckert
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Facilitator Training

We’ve put together a brief facilitator video which walks you through the PD keynote/packages.

We are also preparing a facilitator webinar scheduled for early January.

Questions & Support

If you have any questions or need additional support, please email us at [email protected].