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Through Baylor’s Center for Christian Education Virtual Learning Academies, we have been learning alongside hundreds of amazing Christian teachers and administrators since March. Collectively, these educators have been identifying the most effective ways to engage students in deep learning, authentic assessments, and meaningful feedback regardless of educational delivery models. We will share tools for immediate assessment and feedback that make time for performance assessments and deeper feedback in sustainable and life-giving ways for teachers and students.

Learning Targets

This strand will focus on practical tools and structures to effectively evaluate the impact of our Christ-centered instruction on student learning. We will be working on:

  • Learning targets: design and implementation of learning targets, the foundation of student-led assessment
  • Assessment: design authentic assessments with criteria for success that could be in the form of single-point, holistic, or analytic rubrics
  • Feedback: formative practices for flash feedback and summative practices to strengthen teachers’ and students’ ability to give, receive, and apply feedback for learning


Dr. Jonathan Eckert

Professor of Educational Leadership

Jon Eckert, Ed.D., is the Copple Professor of Educational Leadership at Baylor University. He taught and coached intermediate and middle school students outside of Chicago and Nashville for 12 years. He completed his doctorate at Vanderbilt University and served at U.S. Department of Education during both the Bush and Obama administrations. For ten years, he prepared teachers at Wheaton College.

He is the author of The Novice Advantage: Fearless Practice for Every Teacher (Corwin, 2016) and Leading Together: Teachers and Administrators Improving Student Outcomes (Corwin, 2018), book chapters, and numerous articles. He researches collective leadership, teaching quality, and school improvement and supports school leaders, particularly Christian leaders through Baylor’s Center for Christian Education, in their pursuit of deeper learning for students.

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Learning Targets

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